カリン・ピサリコヴァ 個展 ”もくてき”

展示作家 カリン・ピサリコヴァ

“Putting a façade over concrete floor, they reformed our apartment lately. Dark walnut screams 2016, while white oak looks, oh so dated….”
My long-term project is concerned with our place in the world. Previously, I positioned the human body into the nature – longing to escape but eternally connected to mother earth. Yet we still try to control and conquer nature, sometimes by covering it and painting over a prettier image. It had me wondering – will our children know the difference between what is genuine and what is an imitation – or is the imitation already part of hyperreality? Where is the „honne“ behind this „tatemae“ – The juxtaposition of natural and artificial, living together. But in great harmony? How much is the human body still the wild, organic part?
There is a great respects and emphasis on things natural in Japan. Nature is praised for its calming effect and maybe because of that, we will find wooden railing, flooring, faux wooden furniture, appliances, phone covers, steam diffusers, cushions, fireplaces with fake burning wood and even shower curtains, all come in wood plank design, but no one expects to catch a splinter.
Exhibition „Mokuteki“ is inquiring into fiction and reality, using the mimircy of flooring, to blend the human body in a concrete apartement block.





Karin Pisarikova was born in Brno, Czech Republic in 1981. Her works are mostly inspired by life, human relations and everyday rituals, but the main topics can be summed up into existential questions – Who are we, what is our purpose and where are we heading. She works predominantly in the medium of installation, but includes performance, video and photography. Her material of choice is human hair, for its ambiguity and connection to the body. Pisarikova studied in the atelier of Body Art at FaVU-VUT in Brno and completed her PhD. at Tama Art University, Tokyo in 2015. She has had solo shows in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagano and Brno and participated in several art residencies in Japan and in Europe. Karin Pisarikova is currently teaching in Joshibi University of Art and Design and continues to live and work in Tokyo.


テキスト訳:馬場 恵